July 15, 2020

25% of the software will be transferred to the cloud in the next year

Twenty-five percent of the managers taking part in the new survey expect that all their software will be transferred to the cloud over the next year. Do you think that is a lot? Well, that is only  from a survey carried out just prior to the COVID crisis.

O'Reily Media also found that moving to all-cloud environments is not just something for small businesses that lack large IT departments, according to a survey of 1.283 IT managers conducted in January and February.  17% of respondents from large organisations (over 10,000 employees) , already had changed 100% of their applications to the cloud. 

More, the survey also shows that than nine out of every ten organisations are increasing their use of cloud infrastructure. Although 25% indicate that everything will be moved to the cloud, it is important that over two thirds (67%) plan to move at least the majority (> 50%) of their applications to the cloud. This is an enormous shift.

54% of vendors use multiple cloud providers. 67% use Amazon Web Services ( AWS). 32% use Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

It is undeniable that the trend is for the businesses to go to the cloud. It suits better the new style of working from different places and the need for integration.

More cloud is coming, so we better be prepared for that.

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