May 6, 2020

Briefcase appsumo deal

If you think that Appsumo is great, wait to see Briefcase HQ.

What is Appsumo Briefcase?

Briefcase is a quarterly membership subscription program for Appsumo heavy users  for 147 $ a quarter (  $49/month ).

It has four different advantages:

  1. It lets you access special software. The software tools offered are mainly saas oriented to expanding businesses. Briefcase tools are free for members but licenses are limited, so activate all the tools you want right away to ensure access!
  2. With the subscription you also get coupons ( called chips) that you can use to buy products in Occasionally AppSumo offers certain software tools or physical products, such as conference tickets, books, other items that can only be purchased with cash or cash-like equivalents (credits and discounts not included)
  3. It gives you the appsumo plus member status so you receive a 10% discount on AppSumo purchases.
  4. And as appsumo plus member you have access to select deals during featured promotions.  As a briefcase member, you are able to access the "coming back" deal that each month or two months allows you to buy during three days deals that were sold out.

In our opinion, the best part of the appsumo plus memberships are the last 3 advantages.

Special software

As now in 2020 the tools available in Briefcase Appsumo are: Lead Generation, Poplink, Kingsumo, Salesflare,  Book like a boss, Website Auditor, Grum, and Missinglettr.

Some of those are good tools ( ie Book like a boss) but you will only keep access to those saas as long as you are a briefcase member. So if you cancel the account, you won´t be able to use them anymore. Considering the effort it takes to learn how to use a tool and the data that you may enter the platform, is hard to advice using those tools unless you just want to try them to see if you will buy.


Chips, formerly known as coupons, are the sweetest part of the deal. They have a value of 49$. They are issued at the very moment that you join briefcase and last for 3 months (plus a 5 days grace period)

If you do a quick math, paying 149 $ for 196 $ of appsumo chips is a good deal if you buy a lot of programs in appsumo.

But not so quick. Chips are not exactly like money.

Let´s see the way you can use the chips:

If the deal is 49$, everything is easy. You give one chip and you get one code.

If the deal is over 49$, you can pay with a chip for 49$ and pay the rest with credit card or paypal.  In that part, you get a 10% discount. So if you buy a 79$ code and you give a chip, you will have to pay 30 dollars minus 3 dollars discount (10%) so 27 dollars. 

If the deal is under 49$, you can use a chip, but the excess is lost. So if the deal is 39$ dollars, you can pay with a chip, but you won´t get any money back. 

Cancellation policy

You can cancel at any time, by reaching out to

You can end your membership at any time and will not be charged for the following payment cycle. To cancel, just talk with the support staff  On top of this, However, for the majority of products offered on AppSumo, this will not be an issue and Briefcase members will not be affected.

Briefcase vs Appsumo plus

Appsumo plus is a subscription that costs 90$ a year. With that subscription, you don´t have any tools or any chips. What you get is the access to the special deals, and a 10% discount in your appsumo buys.

What is better? Briefcase or Appsumo plus?

Considering the costs and the benefits, we can say that Briefcase HQ is much better than Appsumo Plus.

Appsumo plus makes no sense for the discount unless you are going to buy more than 900$ a year in Appsumo products.

If you buy less than 900$ you won´t recover the 90 dollars fee.

But if you buy more than 900$, Briefcase is better.

So what is the only way i can see Appsumo plus making sense to you? If you are not going to buy anything in Appsumo but a certain deal that you missed, and you want to get that deal, maybe then it makes sense to you.

Why is briefcase HQ a good deal? Why most of the hard core Appsumo buyers have briefcase HQ?

Briefcase HQ is expensive, but the benefits it gives you are great.

With briefcase HQ you have to pay 147 $ a quarter, so 588 a year. But in exchange, you receive 4 chips each quarter, so 16 49$ chips a year. That makes 784 $ that you can use in everything you buy. That is a 196 $ discount, plus the extra 10%.

So Briefcase Appsumo is the best offer you can get for your Appsumo deals. It is so good that hard core appsumo buyers may have 2,3 or 4 Briefcase accounts.

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