February 26, 2020

Docsify Pro (1 code) or Growth (2 codes)


1 code = Pro plan & 2 codes = Growth plan

Unlimited email & link tracking

Unlimited document and attachment tracking

Templates, Snippets & Analytics

No Docsify branding

Branding subdomain

Integrations: Zapier & Live Chat

Custom domain (Bonus - Growth Plan Only)

Unlimited send later

Team Analytics (Growth Plan Only)

Unlimited Sequence Analytics (Growth Plan Only)

API & Webhooks (Growth Plan Only)

Engagement Hooks

Template Sharing (Growth Plan Only)

Pipedrive Integration (Growth Plan Only)

Auto Follow-Ups in Gmail (Growth Plan Only)

Advanced Scoring (Bonus - Growth Plan Only)

Unlimited Sequences (Growth Plan Only)

Future updates to Pro & Growth Plan

Precise Remarketing Shot

Sequences (Up to 300 unique recipients/month)

If your sales team is underperforming, you might think they’re wasting too much time in the Instagram explore tab.

And while that might be true, what’s really hindering their performance is focusing on the wrong prospects and low payoff activities.

What they need is a tool that can uncover who’s worth their time and automate outreach.

Enter: Docsify.

Docsify is software for Gmail and G Suite that performs in-depth email tracking, so sales teams contact the right people, with the right pitch.

Knowing who to pitch to makes all the difference.

Docsify tells you who is interested in your proposal by giving you detailed information on email and document activity, allowing you to close deals faster.

Notifications on email activity will appear in both Gmail and Docsify, so sales is always in the loop.

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Simply manage activity in Gmail.

Lifetime Access to Docsify

In addition to detailed information on document activity (like how long recipients spend on each page), Docsify allows you to do neat things with the document itself.

For example, you can:

  • Add attachments directly in the body and avoid the “I don't see your attachment because I don’t know how to use a computer”
  • Make your proposal more professional and recognizable by adding corporate colors to your document
  • Integrate third-party chat tools
  • Add tracking pixels to retarget prospects with Facebook or Google Adwords

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Inside of the Docsify dashboard, you can prioritize prospects by activity types (e.g., document opens).

You can also use search filters (e.g., email subject) to find prospects quickly.

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Docsify gives you the ability to easily integrate any chat (Intercom, LiveChat, etc.) within the proposals (PDF, DOC, PPT documents) you send.

With this, you can communicate with prospects while they're reading the proposal. (If this doesn't help you close the deal, I don't know what will.)

Ordinarily, yearly access to the Docsify Pro Plan is $108.

The Pro Plan has:

  • 1 User = 1 email (Additional users 50% off)
  • Unlimited Email & Link Tracking
  • Unlimited Document and Attachment Tracking
  • Unlimited Per-Page Document Tracking
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Send Later (Bonus)
  • Unlimited Snippets (Bonus)
  • Branding subdomain (Bonus)
  • Zapier & Live Chat Integration (Bonus)

Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this boosted plan for just $49!

Increase your sales efficiency now!

While the Pro Plan is awesome, Docsify also has another plan which might tickle your fancy: The Growth Plan.

The Growth Plan comes with everything in the Pro Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited Sequences & Analytics
  • Precise Remarketing Shot
  • Pipedrive Integration
  • API and Webhooks
  • Team Analytics
  • Custom Domain
  • Auto Follow-Ups in Gmail

This plan is normally $312 a year.

But stack two codes at checkout to get lifetime access for just $98!

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Docsify optimizes your email process in a couple of ways.

First, you can create and save templates for faster emails, saving you valuable time. (Find these templates swiftly by assigning them unique names or place them in a folder.)

And thanks to email tracking, these templates can be analyzed to see which ones are most likely to help you close a deal.

Next, you can avoid having to copy and paste repetitive pieces of text with text snippets. These shortcuts will have you responding in record time!

Docsify lets you schedule emails to be sent at specific dates and times (even if you’re not online).

On top of optimization, Docsify has cool stuff on the horizon like:

  • Deep website and deep tracking (know when your recipient visits your website)
  • Reminders and Calendar integration
  • Auto-followups
  • Sequences (create automated campaigns and put personal communications on autopilot)

More info on their roadmap can be found here: Docsify Roadmap

Lifetime Access to Docsify

Anyone who is looking to gain valuable insights and increase sales needs Docsify.

This tool will save you time and make you money. What’s not to love?

Get lifetime access to the Pro Plan for $49 or stack two codes and get lifetime access to the Growth Plan for $98.

Start prioritizing prospects and closing more sales now!

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