March 26, 2020

Free Home Licenses And Software Deals For Work-From-Home Pros And Students

Additionally, professional Creative Cloud users are reporting online that anyone who has a monthly CC plan can now receive two months free. Here’s how to do it:

hello friends + freelancers adobe cc is FREE for the next two months !!!!!

— stephanie o'byrne ☺︎ (@st3phascope) March 17, 2020

The company behind a range of editing and content creation software is offering free 90-day home licenses to companies and educational institutions. The policy covers Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools Ultimate, and Sibelius Ultimate.

As an added measure to assist our community in adjusting their workflows to accommodate Covid-19 virus precautions, Avid will make a limited number of temporary licenses of our creative products available to eligible customers at no charge.

The offer is currently open to existing clients only, and valid until April 17. More information here.

The developer is extending free home licenses to clients of its Celaction2D animation software until the end of their current project.

Andy Blazdell, Celaction’s CEO, issued the following statement:

Here at Celaction we’ve been helping our clients prepare to work from home for the past few weeks, quietly and without fanfare. Everyone who asked us for help has been helped, and this situation has been our highest priority. We didn’t even think about publicizing it, because our clients know they can talk to us about their needs and we always respond.

So it was with surprise and some disappointment that we saw other major software companies in our sector offer help in the form of at-home licenses that were limited from 90 days to as low as 30 days. While we hope that the Covid-19 disruption doesn’t last for months, nobody knows how long it will last. But what is certain is that the effects of shifting work to home will take time, cause stress, and have an ongoing impact on schedules.

So we’re calling on animation software vendors to allow their clients to work from home not for a set period of time, causing extra pressure as the clock ticks down, but to give people that freedom until the end of their projects that have been affected. For students, this means until the end of the school year. This is what we have offered our clients, so that there’s one less thing for them to worry about in these challenging times.

In our judgement, it was the obvious and right thing to do. We sincerely hope others will follow our lead.

Blazdell added to Cartoon Brew:

We’re proud of our clients for how they’ve stepped up to deal with the situation with professionalism and in a calm and courteous way. It’s really brought the community together for a common cause.

It would be great if the giant tech companies offering collaboration software, who stand to benefit from many smaller companies suddenly needing to use it, could lower their prices during the current crisis, to lessen the burden.

Clients are asked to contact their Celaction representative for more information — see the company’s website.

The tech giant is offering a six-month free trial of the paid version of Teams, a software centered on virtual meetings, for businesses not yet registered with the platform. The deal is actually part of a trial for the full Office 365 package. A free version of Teams is also available to educational institutions.

Jared Spataro, corporate vp for Microsoft 365, issued the following statement on behalf of Microsoft:

With Covid-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams everywhere are moving to remote work. Earlier this week, I posted a letter from Lily Zheng, our colleague in Shanghai, detailing her team’s experience using Microsoft Teams to work from home during the outbreak. Lily’s team is one of many.

Here at Microsoft in the Puget Sound, we’re encouraging our teams to work from home as much as possible, as are many organizations in this region. And we expect this trend to continue across the world. At Microsoft, our top priority is the health and safety of employees, customers, partners, and communities. By making Teams available to as many people as possible, we aim to support public health and safety by keeping teams connected while they work apart.

Businesses looking to claim the free license are asked to contact their Microsoft partner or sales representative. More information here.

Toon Boom Animation

As we reported earlier, Toon Boom is offering free 30-day home licenses for its Harmony and Storyboard Pro animation software to studios and educational institutions.

Being a technology company, remote work has always come naturally to us; over the coming months our clients (both studios and educational institutions alike) may be facing realities of working from home for the first time. Toon Boom wants to help. In light of the current health concerns worldwide related to Covid-19, we are providing our studios and educational institutions free 30-day home use licenses for their staff, teachers, and/or students.

The offer is currently open to existing clients only, and valid until April 17. More information here.

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