March 6, 2020

Swarmify smart video appsumo deal 2020

What is swarmify smart video?

Swarmify smart video is a way of delivering your videos to your viewers at a great speed and without leaving your platform.

In their web they say: "Swarmify is a video acceleration company focused on bringing the streaming technologies used by the biggest names in the streaming video industry (Netflix, Hulu) to everyone in a simple package. We offer the worlds fastest video at an affordable price to all."

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Does swarmify host your videos?

Swarmify does not pretend to host your videos.

When publishing new videos on your site, you simply tell SmartVideo at the time of posting where your source file lives. SmartVideo will fetch a copy of this file, then automate the entire workflow by encoding it, storing it on a global delivery network, publishing it, then accelerating playback to your viewers.

SmartVideo supports S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even pCloud as the original file source location.

If you have existing videos on your site published through YouTube or Vimeo embeds, SmartVideo treats those services as the original file source location and automates the workflow process in the same way. The added bonus is you don't have to go back and replace those previous embeds either. SmartVideo does it automatically.

Swarmify does not recommend removing the original video source file. At various times SmartVideo may go back to the source to fetch a new copy in order to process/encode for new devices, etc, if that makes sense. However, if removed, the video would continue to play from SmartVideo since we have already fetched and processed a copy to deliver to your viewers.

You can upload the video to your WordPress Media Library and use those with SmartVideo. See here:

Here's how Google Drive works with SmartVideo as the source: ttps://

Why use swarmify smart video?

And not Youtube?

YouTube's player is filled with bloat, like heavy user tracking mechanisms, ad code, and "related video" mechanisms that leaks traffic back to YouTube. These bog down page load speeds.

The SmartVideo player is lightweight and nimble without all the bloat, loading in just 64 milliseconds on average compared to YouTube's 800 milliseconds. This ensures your page is never hampered by overstuffed video players.

And not Vimeo?

Vimeo suffers from many of the same performance issues as YouTube, taking much longer to start playback and buffering far more often than SmartVideo. Vimeo also requires you to upload all of your videos to their site and use their branded embedded player. If you want to leave Vimeo down the line then you have to re-upload all of your videos elsewhere and switch out all of your embed codes. SmartVideo automates this entire process. Why have someone else's brand on *your* video? It's your content after-all!

And not Vooplayer?

As people in Swarmify attest, Vooplayer is for people that want to turn dials and levers. With SmartVideo, we’re focused on a solution that will work easily for the vast majority of people.

Users complain that vooplayer is buggy and slow.-

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Popup videos: Smart video supports popup videos, and you can autoplay with sound. If you create a floating container on your side then floating video will work.

Quality: Swarmify plays video back at the highest quality based on the device and connection without intervention by the customer or end user. This is where video acceleration technology comes into play in making those decisions so videos play back smoothly no matter what.

No support for subtitles yet. They say is coming down the line.

No playback speeds yet. They say is coming.

Adding CTA to videos. Will also come in the future.

Integrations: s, do you support Zapier and Integromat as integrations?

Smartvideo doesn't auto-convert Vooplayer. You will have to do that manually.

Here's how you can use Publitio.

Data protection:

Smart video does not provide enterprise-class DRM but we do provide download prevention which blocks most casual users from stealing your content.

Also, you are more than welcome to utilize Swarmify behind any password-protected areas of your site.

Swarmify, as well as other providers, all have similar protections to one another that don't make it simple for *casual* users to download files. They don't offer download buttons in the player or embeds codes to play on other sites. But if someone wants to steal the video they will probably be able to do it.

Background videos. You can use smart video for background videos.

Enable sound. Some browsers disable sound inmediately now. Currently, there is no built-in functionality for overlaying a prominent “enable sound” button on the player, but you can do that with CSS.

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Swarmify does not have a publicly available roadmap currently. We're still collecting data from Sumo-lings in order to prioritize items based on demand.


You cannot customize the player in the saas platform.

The SmartVideo player is based on VideoJS, so if you're comfortable with some CSS, you can follow their docs and customize the player further:

Counting the views. There has been complaints that smartvideo counts all the views several times, making it easier to get to the limit.

It is a unique playback of a particular video by a particular viewer. So in your example, if a member refreshes the page and rewatches the video, it is only counted as a view one time.

A view is a view whether the video is 2 min or 2 hours and is watched 20 minutes or 30 seconds.

People in swarmify claim there have been initial problems that have been solved.

License compromised. A user has complain that you can find your license code directly from you page source page. We have not found that, but it may be an issue.

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Opinions and social media presence


Capterra: 5/5 ( 4)

Facebook: 584

Twitter 500 + followers

Normal pricing


The people in smartvideo said in appsumo that the deal offered on AppSumo has all the features of “Freelancer” plan, but instead of 10 site installs, it includes 3 site installs per code. We can´t find that plan and think it resembles the small business plan.

All future features are included in the appsumo lifetime deal.

3 domain site limit

As stated by swarmify representatives in appsumo the 3 domain/site limit is for those who purchase in order to resell. Most plans for sale on our website do not include reselling rights, so this is actually an added bonus for Sumo-lings!

If you are not a reseller or agency, you don’t need to worry about how many sites/domains you’re using SmartVideo on

Pros and cons:


Generous deal with 50000 views per code and no limit on websites unless you are a reseller

Fast video deliverance

No extra bloat in your website

When your video ends, viewers won´t be sent to your competitors.

Super easy to set.


Questions about counting views.

You cannot upload videos directly.

Final opinion:


Buy swarmify here

Swarmify is not a video hosting solution, but it is a good way of delivering your videos at top speed without having your viewers end in google. The one-time price is very reasonable. It seems like a good tool to have in your bag of tricks.

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